Job packages


Employers may purchase one or more of the following packages. If you have any queries regarding our packages,
please email:

Standard packages


£350/60 Days
  • List one vacancy for up to 60 days


£600/60 Days
  • List two vacancies for up to 60 days


£850/60 Days
  • List three vacancies for up to 60 days

Bespoke packages and subscriptions

We can offer bespoke Jobs Board packages and subscriptions including discounts on bulk orders for example, six roles over three months. Please get in touch with us at to get a quote.

BSN Corporate Member entitlements and discounts

We offer Jobs Board entitlements and discounts to BSN Corporate Members. If you are a BSN Corporate Member looking to learn more about, and redeem your entitlements and/or discounts, please get in touch at and we will be pleased to assist you.

If you are interested in joining BSN’s Corporate Membership, please click here to find out more.